5 Things to buy your soon to be TEENAGER!

I told my son to give me a list of 5 things he wants for his 13th Birthday! I thought a few of them were too good not to share. So I guess these are gift ideas for any parent who is looking for some gifts for their soon to be 13 year old. He is at that “in between” stage. He’s not too hip with teenage things, meaning the language and things teenagers do, but he isn’t that oh[Read more]

How Do I Spend Time with my Teenage Son?

How do I spend time with¬†my teenage son?! I just do it! It’s one of my main priorities in life right now. I try and make pancakes at least once a week. Pancakes are one of his favorite¬†foods. He is usually in a great mood while eating them, so it allows us to have very open conversations. So making his favorite foods is always a plus! I also make a point to show interest in the things he enjoys. If[Read more]

Here’s to 2017

2016 was a year of first and change for my favorite son and I. We figured out he was born in the wrong era. He is really an 80s kid deep down. He loves everything 80s, ie Wonder Years! One of my favorite shows growing up. We binged watched the show for about two weeks straight! I learned to love everything about my hair. Every single frizzy thing. He tried his hand at two elements of hip hop, dancing and[Read more]