5 Things to buy your soon to be TEENAGER!

I told my son to give me a list of 5 things he wants for his 13th Birthday! I thought a few of them were too good not to share. So I guess these are gift ideas for any parent who is looking for some gifts for their soon to be 13 year old. He is at that “in between” stage. He’s not too hip with teenage things, meaning the language and things teenagers do, but he isn’t that oh so cute and cuddly kid anymore. He still loves building things with this legos but does it with teenage style, while listening to the top 10 radio hits. You know in a “cool” way. lol


1. First on the list, this awesome sauce new ‘pen and pad’! He says its from the future! I think this may be THE gift, mainly because I really want to try it out. So it can easily be mine once the shine goes away.

2. LEGOS! of course! Batman will be in the theatres the weekend after his birthday, so he wants to put this entire set together…TOGETHER! (his words not mine!. A little QT together 🙂 )

3. This “cool hat”. He says he needs a bit more style, and somehow this hat will INCREASE his 13 year old style.

4. “nice headphones” in his words. Why does “nice” always equate to PRICEY?

5. EXTRA LOVE. Yep, he said that too…I guess I don’t love him enough? He wants and needs EXTRA! lol

He is honestly at the very top of the list of “BEST THINGS THAT HAVE EVER HAPPENED TO ME!” Like, he’s NUMBER ONE! He is such a humble guy, a quiet warrior spirit, and as nice as they come. The ONLY trouble he causes me….which is most parent’s pain points is HOMEWORK…other than that…lol HE IS 10000000% AWESOME SAUCE! One day he will conquer the homework quest and all I will be able to say is…”LOOK AT HIM! HE IS SOOO GREAT!”….wellllll I already say that lol but you get my point lol…

He will be 13 in two days…and I guess I have enough time to order most of this from amazon and get it in two days! (not all! most)…


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