Here’s to 2017

the boy at lunch today 1.1.2017

2016 was a year of first and change for my favorite son and I.
We figured out he was born in the wrong era. He is really an 80s kid deep down. He loves everything 80s, ie Wonder Years! One of my favorite shows growing up. We binged watched the show for about two weeks straight!
I learned to love everything about my hair. Every single frizzy thing.
He tried his hand at two elements of hip hop, dancing and dj’in, neither worked out, but he did it!
He was a theater kid for about 6 months, and found it wasn’t “his thing”.
He became a citizen of the world, traveling with me on his first international trip to Iceland.
I completely organized my house. (I have some more organizing to do in 2017.)
He graduated 6th grade from a school he’d gone to since he was 4. It was like home for the two of us.
We went to Disney World for the first time! He told me it was the best moment of his life!
He went to sleep-away camp by himself. He didn’t know a soul but made great friends and had a fun time.
I bought a new car.
He started 7th grade at a new school.
He was my inspiration to start this blog that I didn’t spend much time on.
I entered the world of PLANNING, you know mambi, erin condrin, stickers, washi, you know, allllll of that!
He made new friends st his new school and found that having a girlfriend isn’t everything. Friends at his age are far more important.
I turned 40! Yep, four zero! So amazing.
I made everything but the Turkey and ham for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I felt like superwoman!
I learned to always check your coffee before leaving Dunkin’ Donuts and your chip bag before leaving Chipotle.
He finally learned to play the drums and loved it.
I went to my first Steelers game, go black and gold!
2016 was AWESOME, and we had a great time.

My two new years resolution is to write more and organize my office.
Write down the things I’m most grateful for daily.
Write more entries on the blog.
Practice my lettering.
and write more handwritten letters and cards to family and friends.

Here is to 2017 being an even better year than 2016!


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