Last week of the Summer?!!

It’s no secret that I love it when my son is carefree and living his 7th grade life on his terms. It’s what the joys of summer are all about, right?  When he’s most happy, it makes my life much easier. I enjoy our interactions more in the summer; we always seems to have more time. We don’t feel stressed. We aren’t on strict schedules. He gets to sleep as long as he needs/wants, and I’m more relaxed. It’s the summer, and we BOTH love it.

Well, summer is almost over. We have one more week to bask in what we deem, our favorite time of the year. I’m really trying to stay positive and get things around the house and in my head in order for the upcoming school year, but man oh man, it’s hard. I started clearing his closet out of his summer/old clothes, and I just sat there in awe at all the things he’s outgrown. I realized today, he will need a full wardrobe for school! I literally had no idea! Where have I been? Why hadn’t I realized this now? BECAUSE IT’S SUMMER!

We have one week, and I have a list of things to get done. I’m sure planning (my new found passion) will be my life savior. One more week…..


  1. Go school supply shopping. I honestly love waiting a week or so before school starts to get that “BACK TO SCHOOL” rush.
  2. Organize our foyer. I want to set up a desk for him, so he has a semi-private place to do his homework during the school year. This will be totally different than years past. He has always done his homework at the dinning room table. I think this may be a good change for him, if not, we can always go back to the dinning room.
  3. Get an Old Navy shopping cart going. There is a 35% off coupon that ends tonight.
  4. Start on my office. Start clearing it out. We BOTH have to be organized this school year!

I’m keeping the list short, as to not get discouraged, and give up by Thursday. What does your last minute/end of the summer/get ready for school list look like? tone signature



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